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So its been awhile since I’ve posted and good update is in order.

In June we had an event in conjunction with the Wear and Tear exhibition at UnSmoke Systems in Braddock. Dave and Andy’s in Oakland graciously donated two tubs of ice cream, vanilla bean and mango. There was an array of toppings for the ice cream and we were conveniently located right next to the beverages for the opening. About 80 people showed up for the opening and most of them participated in Delicious Donations.

We had three projects submitted, here are there descriptions:

Bobbi Williams – Smokifantastic

Artist Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist, adventurer, guide, channel, filmmaker and visionary.

Project description

Inner Galactic Independent Cinema.

I unite video, shamanism, art, storytelling and the healing arts. The experience connects us to the earth, each other and all that is.

I create a multidimensional healing space through video projections. I perform this project as a live vj narrative that interacts and improvises with the audience. The project is also open to live performance collaborations.

Call to creative action

My work takes you to a deep space where you relate to a new awareness of your senses. The experience atones uplifts, purifies your natural vibration through simplicity and beauty. You will be inspired to create. Your creative energy will blossom.

Video production Pittsburgh

One story I would like to share is dance at Point State Park .The dance explores The Mayan 2012 prophecy, which verifies Pittsburgh three rivers as a link to the prophecy and our spiritual evolution. I will screen this video in my independent Cinema experience. Smokifantasticchannel

Stephanie Armbruster: Urban Construct

Urban Construct began as a reflection on the impersonal interactions of pedestrians in urban communities, which led to a series of playful illustrations of buildings as characters in urban settings.

Created in part with support from the Brew House association and Artist Image Resource, these illustrations utilized drawing, painting, screen printing and chin colle’ on multiple layers of translucent paper.

In “Hotel” a run-down hotel screams gibberish at an office tower, which – startled and slightly offended – tries to hide its discomfort as it edges away.

How would I use funds from Delicious Donations?

Funds would be used to:

Continue to generate these illustrations as sketches for installation or mural based projects and

To help produce these installations.

I envision taking elements from the drawings and re-creating them to scale in physical spaces. While they will not require direct audience participation, I would create these installations in the paths of pedestrians – in areas where people could walk through and interact with them en route from point A to point B. Heaps of letters, swarms of arrows, speech bubble balloons… these will not be permanent fixtures, and will fade with time.

Returning to the original concept of interactions between pedestrians, my goal is to create whimsical environments that open up a dialogue with our urban environment that is both familiar and unique, to lend a little more absurdity to a commute.

Kahmeela Adams – 48 Hour Film Project

Hello, my name is Kahmeela Adams and I am the local producer for the 48 Hour Film Project.

I am contacting you to spark interest for Pittsburgh’s Third Annual 48 Hour Film Project. It is a project where creative collaboration flourishes and the diverse talent of our region can shine. Last year we had 28 teams…a total of 273 filmmakers competing to make a short film from start to finish in 48 hours. The 4 screenings of the films were viewed by over 600 people at The Carnegie Free Library.

Here is the pitch…we are looking for support from the Pittsburgh Art Community and beyond. We are providing tickets to all of the screenings including the awards ceremony, an on screen and in-house thank you at all screenings and awards, a listing on the website and the opportunity for a banner/table at the screenings and awards to promote their company. I believe that this collection of non-traditional filmmakers is a great audience for the services your company provides.

Here is a little about how the festivities will be produced:

Write – Produce – Shoot – Edit – Score … All in 48 hours.

That’s the mantra behind this unique project.

The 48 Hour Film Project will be kicking off at, on Aug 7 at 6:30 ArtDimensions Pittsburgh in East Liberty. Over 40 Teams of filmmakers will be rushing off with their blind picks of; Genres, Characters, Props and Line of Dialogue to Write, Produce and Edit their films which are to be returned within 48 Hours.

We are expecting over 48 teams of filmmakers to produce a 3-7 minute video for their entry. We expect to have 4 screenings of 14 films at each screening, starting on Wednesday, Aug 12 at The Kelly Strayhorn Theatre in East Liberty and ending on Thursday, Aug 13.

Our Awards Ceremony will be held August 21. We are expecting to show Pittsburgh’s Best 14 films with the winning titles such as “Best use of Prop”, “Best use of Character”, Audience Choice Winner” and also crowning “The best short film in Pittsburgh 2009” which will move on for a chance to face other cities in their quest for the Grand Prize.

Over 70 cities across the nation have promoted this project with spectacular results and sell out crowds at their screenings. Please take the time to review the projects website and see all the other happenings with this international phenomenon.

Thank you for your time.

Kahmeela Adams

“Pittsburgh Producer” 48 Hour Film Project


It was a really close race between Smokifantastic and Stephanie Armbruster, but in the end Stephanie pulled through and won $108 for her project Urban Constructs which will be on view for the Mattress Factory’s Gestures 13 exhibition. The opening is July 24 from 7:30 – 9:30.

The next event is coming up in August 15th stay tuned for more details.



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