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August 10, Deadline – Call for Artists

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Delicious Donations will be hosting another event that puts money right into the pockets of regional artists. Artists are asked to submit a one page proposal/artist statement detailing their current art project and how they would use the money.  All submissions need to emailed to by 11:59 pm on August 10, 2009. Anyone can apply: individual artists, collaborations and community projects.  This month’s event will be in conjunction with Night Out: Braddock, a party to celebrate one year of events At UnSmoke Systems.  Featuring the artwork of: Barb Antel, Stephanie Armbruster, Emilia Edwards, Jeanine Hall, Eric Harberle, Fitzhugh Shaw, and Paulina Wilkowska. DJs Aaron Clark and Paul Alexander of Humanaut will be controlling the soundtrack.


What we’ve done

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So its been awhile since I’ve posted and good update is in order.

In June we had an event in conjunction with the Wear and Tear exhibition at UnSmoke Systems in Braddock. Dave and Andy’s in Oakland graciously donated two tubs of ice cream, vanilla bean and mango. There was an array of toppings for the ice cream and we were conveniently located right next to the beverages for the opening. About 80 people showed up for the opening and most of them participated in Delicious Donations.

We had three projects submitted, here are there descriptions:

Bobbi Williams – Smokifantastic

Artist Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist, adventurer, guide, channel, filmmaker and visionary.

Project description

Inner Galactic Independent Cinema.

I unite video, shamanism, art, storytelling and the healing arts. The experience connects us to the earth, each other and all that is.

I create a multidimensional healing space through video projections. I perform this project as a live vj narrative that interacts and improvises with the audience. The project is also open to live performance collaborations.

Call to creative action

My work takes you to a deep space where you relate to a new awareness of your senses. The experience atones uplifts, purifies your natural vibration through simplicity and beauty. You will be inspired to create. Your creative energy will blossom.

Video production Pittsburgh

One story I would like to share is dance at Point State Park .The dance explores The Mayan 2012 prophecy, which verifies Pittsburgh three rivers as a link to the prophecy and our spiritual evolution. I will screen this video in my independent Cinema experience. Smokifantasticchannel

Stephanie Armbruster: Urban Construct

Urban Construct began as a reflection on the impersonal interactions of pedestrians in urban communities, which led to a series of playful illustrations of buildings as characters in urban settings.

Created in part with support from the Brew House association and Artist Image Resource, these illustrations utilized drawing, painting, screen printing and chin colle’ on multiple layers of translucent paper.

In “Hotel” a run-down hotel screams gibberish at an office tower, which – startled and slightly offended – tries to hide its discomfort as it edges away.

How would I use funds from Delicious Donations?

Funds would be used to:

Continue to generate these illustrations as sketches for installation or mural based projects and

To help produce these installations.

I envision taking elements from the drawings and re-creating them to scale in physical spaces. While they will not require direct audience participation, I would create these installations in the paths of pedestrians – in areas where people could walk through and interact with them en route from point A to point B. Heaps of letters, swarms of arrows, speech bubble balloons… these will not be permanent fixtures, and will fade with time.

Returning to the original concept of interactions between pedestrians, my goal is to create whimsical environments that open up a dialogue with our urban environment that is both familiar and unique, to lend a little more absurdity to a commute.

Kahmeela Adams – 48 Hour Film Project

Hello, my name is Kahmeela Adams and I am the local producer for the 48 Hour Film Project.

I am contacting you to spark interest for Pittsburgh’s Third Annual 48 Hour Film Project. It is a project where creative collaboration flourishes and the diverse talent of our region can shine. Last year we had 28 teams…a total of 273 filmmakers competing to make a short film from start to finish in 48 hours. The 4 screenings of the films were viewed by over 600 people at The Carnegie Free Library.

Here is the pitch…we are looking for support from the Pittsburgh Art Community and beyond. We are providing tickets to all of the screenings including the awards ceremony, an on screen and in-house thank you at all screenings and awards, a listing on the website and the opportunity for a banner/table at the screenings and awards to promote their company. I believe that this collection of non-traditional filmmakers is a great audience for the services your company provides.

Here is a little about how the festivities will be produced:

Write – Produce – Shoot – Edit – Score … All in 48 hours.

That’s the mantra behind this unique project.

The 48 Hour Film Project will be kicking off at, on Aug 7 at 6:30 ArtDimensions Pittsburgh in East Liberty. Over 40 Teams of filmmakers will be rushing off with their blind picks of; Genres, Characters, Props and Line of Dialogue to Write, Produce and Edit their films which are to be returned within 48 Hours.

We are expecting over 48 teams of filmmakers to produce a 3-7 minute video for their entry. We expect to have 4 screenings of 14 films at each screening, starting on Wednesday, Aug 12 at The Kelly Strayhorn Theatre in East Liberty and ending on Thursday, Aug 13.

Our Awards Ceremony will be held August 21. We are expecting to show Pittsburgh’s Best 14 films with the winning titles such as “Best use of Prop”, “Best use of Character”, Audience Choice Winner” and also crowning “The best short film in Pittsburgh 2009” which will move on for a chance to face other cities in their quest for the Grand Prize.

Over 70 cities across the nation have promoted this project with spectacular results and sell out crowds at their screenings. Please take the time to review the projects website and see all the other happenings with this international phenomenon.

Thank you for your time.

Kahmeela Adams

“Pittsburgh Producer” 48 Hour Film Project


It was a really close race between Smokifantastic and Stephanie Armbruster, but in the end Stephanie pulled through and won $108 for her project Urban Constructs which will be on view for the Mattress Factory’s Gestures 13 exhibition. The opening is July 24 from 7:30 – 9:30.

The next event is coming up in August 15th stay tuned for more details.


Deadline Approacing!

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to send out a reminder that the deadline for the next Delicious Donations is this Tuesday!

I am looking for current art projects that are looking of a little extra dough to see themselves through, all you need to do is write a brief description of the project that you are working on. Then people will attend our upcoming event on June 20th and vote on what project they like the most, so let your art shine through your description. Also feel free to be at the event for the duration and chat people up about your thoughts, idea and hopes for your project!



June’s Call for Artists – Deadline June 16th

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So I am sending out the call for artists now! Deadline is June 16th

The event is being sponsored by Dave and Andy’s Ice Cream store, we will have delicious Ice Cream and Great Projects, especially since we are teaming up with local artists Heather Powell and Gavin Kenyon for their exhibtion Wear & Tear at UnSmoke Systems 

To Apply:

Send your name, email address and your artist statement/project describtion to

To Win:

At the Event on June 20th from 7 – 10pm , people will vote on what project they like the most and the one with the most votes win.

The Winner MUST be present to win, if the artist who’s project won is not there at 10pm the grant will go to the runnerup.

And we’re off! with a Belgian Waffle Brunch

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For some reason I thought it would be a great idea to do the first full fledged Delicious Donations the weekend after my finals for graduate school which happened to be the weekend before I graduated…but apparently this is how I like to function, no time for a breaks. 

There was 6 projects for this Event that happened on May 9, 2009 ranging from Victory Gardens to a project that wanted to recreate Pittsburgh City Council meetings by using handmade dolls. There was truly a great array of projects and its exciting to see that such a diverse amount of work is being created in Pittsburgh. 

Since this was a little bit of a transitionary period for me I guess I didn’t plan as well as I should for what needed to be done for prep…Jodi and I ended up staying at UnSmoke till 3 am because we spent too much time lazing about in the early evening when we thought we had all the time in the world. 

But even with all of that, we got there bright and early and started making waffles. We had Vegan belgian waffles as well as just belgian waffles, with way too many strawberries and homemade whipped cream! it was delicious [guess thats why I picked the name]…We had arranged the gallery to look like a loft, with a living area and a dining room as well as an indoor/outdoor patio. 

Throughout the afternoon plenty of people came and ate and voted, and helped me raise $197 for One Take Pittsburgh here is a description of the project that Cody Darling was given the money at 2pm when the event ended!

We are interested in coordinating a bi-monthly screening series that will eventually manifest in a permanent live/work art-space in Pittsburgh. In addition to providing a platform for contemporary media art that is not currently being screened anywhere in the city, this series will serve to bridge resident film/videomakers and the international filmmaking community as a whole, presenting locally produced work within a wider context. To inaugurate this series, we’d like to host a ‘One Take Super 8’ event in August.

The rules are simple: each participant will receive one roll of Super 8 (approx. 3 minutes in length) to shoot whatever they wish.   The filmmakers are not allowed to edit or view their films prior to the screening. Everything they shoot in the camera is what will be shown. Soundtracks (which are optional, but highly encouraged) must be produced separately, without the opportunity to see the footage beforehand, to be performed at the screening. With live (and by necessity, improvised) scores, combined with the always-palpable chance of failure associated with projecting an unseen film, the event assumes a performative edge, and added anticipation for the filmmakers and audience alike.

The One Take Super 8 Event is unique in that it spawns 20-30 brand new films by people near enough to attend.  The roster of filmmakers will be determined on a first come, first served basis; a call for submissions will be circulated among a wider than usual pool, with the hopes of encouraging non-filmmakers and artists working in adjacent mediums to also participate, placing first-time amateurs alongside seasoned auteurs.  The event thus expands the role of a film screening beyond curating/programming to the production of original works.

The One Take Super 8 Event was initiated in 2000 in Regina, Saskatchewan by the Canadian filmmaker and programmer Alex Rogalski.  Since then, Rogalski has brought the event to cities across North America, including Montreal, Syracuse, Toronto, Ft. Lauderdale, Ottawa, and Oberlin, Ohio, among others.  In the process, he has helped foster over 300 films by a variety of artists while providing local communities an opportunity to view this work collectively. These events have been wildly successful, regularly drawing audiences of 100-300 people, while renewing excitement for the Super 8 format.

With the success of this event we aim to build momentum and engage an audience interested film programming beyond the standard gallery fare. As a relatively low-cost affair, this seems to be an ideal event to kick-off a regular series and drawing an interested crowd, one of the most daunting obstacles of a screening.  

Here are some photos of our delicious Vegan Waffles and the ‘You’re A Woman Now’ waffle iron was made by Gavin Kenyon:


Taken by Jenny Fremlin

Taken by Jenny Fremlin


Taken by Jenny Fremlin

Taken by Jenny Fremlin




Hope to see everyone at the next one, June 20th from 7 – 10pm Ice Cream has been donated by Dave and Andy’s!


The Trial Run: I Made It! Union Project

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On April 4th, 2009 at the I Made It! Union Project (IMI), Delicious Donations held its first trial run to see how this grant could work in Pittsburgh. I had heard about these self generating grants in other towns like Sunday Soup in Chicago and there are similar ones in New York, and I was curious if someone here in Pittsburgh could adapt these ideas for our town. So I talked to Carrie from IMI and she let me share her table at the entrance and try out my idea. 

Since I had decided that every event is going to be planned around some sort of food dish I had to pick a food that could be handed out easily but wouldn’t compete too much with the cafe that was two feet away from the entrance. I chose cake. I knew how to make it, I knew I could afford it and I thought people might enjoy a slice of cake as the wander around the market.

With only a few things left to do I now had to try and get the crafters at the IMI to submit projects for Delicious Donations. Carrie was kind enough to include a small blurb and a call-for-artist in her email to the vendors and I recieved 5 project descriptions. 

The day of the IMI was a little hectic, I had been busy the day before baking cakes with my friend Jodi, making signs, designing take aways and all the other last minute tasks that I hadn’t gotten to yet. Once the event started, I was in prime position to tell everyone who walked in the door about Delicious Donations and offer them the opportunity to vote and support the vendors at the festival in a new way. 

After 5 hours of chatting up everyone that walked past the table the votes were in, and the winner but just a few votes was River Rats Design! They recieved $230 to go towards their project: 

River Rats Designs is a Pittsburgh based art and craft business focusing on anti-litter campaigns and community awareness. Recently, Stacey Magda of ‘River Rats’ has collaborated with like minded folks to create a group called ‘Bringing Every Soul Together’ (BEST). B.E.S.T. is a local grassroots organization focusing on getting the community together, and raising awareness and donations for local charities. In the past we have created opportunities for the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank and Project Bundle Up, using local music, art, communities, and entertainment as the generator. We are currently planning our second event to take place June 20 at La Casa Winery in Gibsonia. This event will be to promote local arts and music education. We operate on a shoe string budget of donations and out of pocket support. This monetary boost could make this event even better than before, and provide a jumpstart for our bright future!


How to Apply:

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Its as simple as pie!!!

Just email your,

1. Name

2. Email Address

3. Project Description/Artist Statement


To Win: The people who attend the Delicious Donations’ event will vote on what project they would like to see the money go to. At the end of the event the votes will be tallied and the project with the most votes recieves the grant! But the artist of the winning project must be there to accept the prize to win, or else the grant will go the runner up.