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August 10, Deadline – Call for Artists

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Delicious Donations will be hosting another event that puts money right into the pockets of regional artists. Artists are asked to submit a one page proposal/artist statement detailing their current art project and how they would use the money.  All submissions need to emailed to by 11:59 pm on August 10, 2009. Anyone can apply: individual artists, collaborations and community projects.  This month’s event will be in conjunction with Night Out: Braddock, a party to celebrate one year of events At UnSmoke Systems.  Featuring the artwork of: Barb Antel, Stephanie Armbruster, Emilia Edwards, Jeanine Hall, Eric Harberle, Fitzhugh Shaw, and Paulina Wilkowska. DJs Aaron Clark and Paul Alexander of Humanaut will be controlling the soundtrack.


The Trial Run: I Made It! Union Project

Posted in The Winners by Delicious Donations on May 17, 2009
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On April 4th, 2009 at the I Made It! Union Project (IMI), Delicious Donations held its first trial run to see how this grant could work in Pittsburgh. I had heard about these self generating grants in other towns like Sunday Soup in Chicago and there are similar ones in New York, and I was curious if someone here in Pittsburgh could adapt these ideas for our town. So I talked to Carrie from IMI and she let me share her table at the entrance and try out my idea. 

Since I had decided that every event is going to be planned around some sort of food dish I had to pick a food that could be handed out easily but wouldn’t compete too much with the cafe that was two feet away from the entrance. I chose cake. I knew how to make it, I knew I could afford it and I thought people might enjoy a slice of cake as the wander around the market.

With only a few things left to do I now had to try and get the crafters at the IMI to submit projects for Delicious Donations. Carrie was kind enough to include a small blurb and a call-for-artist in her email to the vendors and I recieved 5 project descriptions. 

The day of the IMI was a little hectic, I had been busy the day before baking cakes with my friend Jodi, making signs, designing take aways and all the other last minute tasks that I hadn’t gotten to yet. Once the event started, I was in prime position to tell everyone who walked in the door about Delicious Donations and offer them the opportunity to vote and support the vendors at the festival in a new way. 

After 5 hours of chatting up everyone that walked past the table the votes were in, and the winner but just a few votes was River Rats Design! They recieved $230 to go towards their project: 

River Rats Designs is a Pittsburgh based art and craft business focusing on anti-litter campaigns and community awareness. Recently, Stacey Magda of ‘River Rats’ has collaborated with like minded folks to create a group called ‘Bringing Every Soul Together’ (BEST). B.E.S.T. is a local grassroots organization focusing on getting the community together, and raising awareness and donations for local charities. In the past we have created opportunities for the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank and Project Bundle Up, using local music, art, communities, and entertainment as the generator. We are currently planning our second event to take place June 20 at La Casa Winery in Gibsonia. This event will be to promote local arts and music education. We operate on a shoe string budget of donations and out of pocket support. This monetary boost could make this event even better than before, and provide a jumpstart for our bright future!